Hello, I'm Rebecca, maker of handmade cards, soaps, sprays and bath bombs

I have worked in Culpeper (a herbal remedies and natural products shop) and Neal's Remedies in Oxford, England which gave me a wealth of knowledge about all things natural body products and herbal remedies. I then trained as an Occupational Therapist working in acute hospital settings and community mental health. These experiences expanded my interest in sensory integration and awareness of how powerful sensory products can be for mental wellbeing.

Combining these interests, I created a range of products that smell amazing and help cleanse the body whilst being natural and gentle on the skin.

I look to make products which are gentle for my children and easy to use. My two children of 6 and 3 years old love trying out the bath bombs and making sure they are of the highest quality and entertainment value!

It is also Great To Say thank you, happy birthday, congratulations, I am thinking of you and love you with products that smell beautiful and lift the spirits.

So enjoy having a look at all the handmade products and experience the sensory world of Cornish Flora.

My book The Aroma Room

Learn the basics of blending essential oils using 14 essential oils to create 24 blends for common ailments.

The Aroma Room by Rebecca Richardson

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Why choose My Products


Natural ingredients

Paraben free, sls free, sustainable ingredients, handmade


Look and smell great

Products use pure essential oils and our designed to look lovely in your home, office or workplace


Fun for adults and children

Lovingly handmade in England

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Photograph of Rebecca Richardson

Rebecca Richardson

Owner of Cornish Flora

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